Diagnostics in Germany: current programs and benefits

Diagnostics in Germany is developing rapidly. Germany´s healthcare is one of the best in the world characterized by modern preventive medicine. It allows to diagnose diseases on their early stages and to identify various pathologies that worsen patient´s physical condition, by advanced medical technology ensuring the accuracy of diagnosis. A complex Check – up program is carried out inside the diagnosis. It is perfectly suited for actively working people constantly limited in time and involves performing procedures to find specific health diseases.

Medical diagnosis for acute illness and preventive health care can be performed on an ambulatory basis and lasts between one and three days. The cost depend on the number of procedures included in the Medical Diagnosis Program. Patients do not have to stay in the hospital and can if wished stay in the hotel. Patients can come to the clinic only for procedures scheduled before. All free time can be spent on excursions in Berlin and all over Germany.

Highly skilled and experienced healthcare professionals at international level work individually with each patient. The diagnostician may carry out a physical examination and at the end of the Medical diagnose program the physician will his findings based on the research and discuss what action needs to be taken. The prices for these advanced medical treatment are more than acceptable.

A diagnostic program is carried out at the clinic

Advanced diagnose program includes following examinations:

  • Colonoscopy
  • Gastroscopy
  • Bronchoscopy (lung diagnosis)
  • Study of the small intestine with video capsule
  • MRI of the abdomen
  • MRI head and neck vessels
  • Breast MRI
  • Breast ultrasound
  • MRI of the prostate
  • MRI of the spine
  • PET (whole body or head)
  • CT of the abdomen
  • CT of the spine
  • Digital mammography
  • Digital mammography with sonography
  • Early cancer diagnosis

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