Treatment costs in Germany are influenced by many factors, beginning from the disease and finishing by the stage of its progressing. The final costs can be defined only afterwards – after concluding the treatment and leaving the clinic. The costs depend on additional medical or diagnostic procedures.

The treatment costs are influenced by different factors which are as followed:

  • The constituent states (Länder) were the facilities are located, own laws allow the clinic to manage the costs individually
  • The status and popularity of the clinic – university, governmental or private clinic can higher or lower the cost. The difference up to € 10,000 is possible.
  • The diagnosis of the specific patient, the time of hospitalization in Germany and the level of chamber comfort also influence the cost
  • Age of the patient and other additional diseases and complications during the treatment in Germany
  • Existence of international departments which charge up to 50% more to the basic cost
  • Type of medical care (professorial or doctor’s). The professorial service increases treatment cost by 20-30%. It is possible to reject professorial service that won’t affect quality of treatment at all.
  • 10 other factors that may influence treatment cost in Germany and experts of our company are perfectly informed about them.

There are many cases when the treatment cost was much higher for the patients organizing their treatment independently than by medical services.

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