Laser Eye correction in Germany represents a developed field of ophthalmology. Focusing on recent achievements which are based on use of high-tech equipment it can correct many common vision problems. Ophthalmologic diseases can be eliminated without surgery and provide complete or partial vision recovery.

We offer following services for your vision correction in Germany

The Ophthalmology Centre in Berlin offers you a full range of services and treatment methods to eliminate nearly any ophthalmologic pathology. Laser eye correction in Germany is performed by specialists who manage complex diagnosis and guarantee the outcome.

Services list for vision correction:

  • elimination of near-sightedness, farsightedness,
  • treatment for astigmatism and presbyopia, glaucoma, cataract and other disorders
  • treatment of eye cornea´s abnormal curvature;

Experts use the most popular refractive surgery called LASIK (LAY-sick). This technology includes laser procedures and intraocular (IOL) procedures and is recognized as one of the most effective technologies in Germany for today. The rehabilitation period after the vision correction procedure is really insignificant in comparison to traditional treatment methods.

Laser vision correction in Germany

Eye correction surgeries are performed successfully at Ophthalmologic clinic in Berlin at very affordable price. For more detailed information please contact us by sending a request to our company.

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