Haemangioma — is a benign lesion and vascular anomaly which is characterized by abnormal vessels filled with blood. There are 3 types of haemangioma: capillary, cavernous and plexiform.

The simple haemangioma develops from capillaries and can expand in the parties, can be blue-crimson or bright red colour.

Treatment of a haemangioma in Germany

The cavernous haemangioma develops from venous vessels and appears in the knot form over the skin. Haemangioma can be as well combined or mixed and can involve not only vessels, but also other surrounding cells.

Diagnostics of haemangioma is simple, especially in cases of skin haemangioma. If haemangioma occurs in muscles, ultrasound diagnostics and radiography in form of an angiography is used. Sometimes a computed tomography, nuclear magnetic tomography and biopsy is applied

Methods of treatment of a haemangioma include:

  • medication
  • laser treatment
  • surgical removal

The way of treatment depends on appearance, localization and size of a lesion.

Traditional methods:

  • Cryotherapy — extreme cold is used to destroy a benign skin lesion. This method does not require a special preparation. One session is usually enough.
  • Laser treatment – is used to remove the haemangioma or to reduce redness and promote quicker healing. Laser treatment is most effective one regarding to treatment of skin haemangioma and their aesthetic properties.
  • Corticosteroid medication – steroids are injected into the haemangioma to reduce its growth and stop inflammation.
  • Radiotherapy — this therapy has no damaging effect to healthy cells. It is applied for children in the age of 6 months or older. This treatment is used for difficulty localized haemangioma, for example eye, nose and large tumours.
  • Electrocoagulation – electro surgery by using high-frequency electric.

Surgical removal of a tumour

This method is applied for quickly growing or large haemangioma or in sensitive area like the eye. Also if traditional methods have been failed your doctor may recommend to remove it surgically.

Surgical treatment involves:

  • surgical removal of the haemangioma
  • surgical removal of defective organ or the damaged area
  • tying off of the main artery supplying blood to the haemangiomas

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