After providing your medical diagnosis, our physician will translate it into German if necessary and contact medical specialists in Berlin to find out the opportunities to treat this disease.

On the basis of medical data you provided, we can calculate costs you have to pay in advance. Please consider that it is not possible to know the final cost of treatment because no one knows exactly what procedures and services you’ll need.

This facts are important to approximately determine your costs:

  • can vary among the clinics (status)
  • inpatient or outpatient
  • surgery or other program
  • attending physician (professor or doctor)
  • chamber comfort

If you agree to the treatment you or your medical sponsor will receive the invoice from medical institution in Germany. For our services you will get an invoice separately. Small medical services like consultation or out-patient treatment have to be paid directly after arrival in the clinic. The final sum of treatment is defined after the end of treatment (inspection). The costs can be higher because of not expected necessary medical and diagnostic procedures or the costs can be also lower. As a rule, additional expenses don’t exceed 5-10% of the estimated cost of treatment. You have to be able to cover the whole sum by leaving the hospital. In case of underconsumption (that is much more often), you will receive money back.

If necessary we’ll give you visa support: we´ll send the invitation from clinic with date of consultation or hospitalization. Further, after your application for visa at German embassy you buy the ticket and inform us about a date and time of a departure.

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